[Apr 27 17-20Z] Connecting Tallinn-St.Petersburg (EETN-ULLI)

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[Apr 27 17-20Z] Connecting Tallinn-St.Petersburg (EETN-ULLI)

Postprzez mjpikat » Pn 22 kwi 2019, 23:05

VACC Estonia is live again!
After a long period of silence and background work we are happy to provide you the most quality ATC service on VATSIM.
We would like to invite you to event in cooperation with VATRUS St. Petersburg FIR between EETN and ULLI.

The event will happen this Saturday, April 27th at 17Z and will last for 3 hours. The route is about 1 hour long, fly several hops!
Both IFR and VFR traffic are accepted and more than welcome.

See you airborne! For more information check out http://www.estvacc.org and http://www.vatrus.info
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